Title: "Design and implementation of wireless control system for unmanned aerial vehicle "

Page(s): 7-11
Authors: Anjaly K Thankachan,Deepak Thomas,Harikrishnan S.P,Jinu Mary John,Jithin J Mundupalam


Abstract— This paper mainly focuses on designing and implementation of the wireless control system of Unmanned Ariel Vehicle. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle also known as UAV is an unpiloted aircraft which can either be remotely operated or flown autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans. Usually these types of vehicles are used in military applications for missions that are too dangerous for manned aircraft. They are also used in a growing number of civil applications such as aerial photography and the transport of various goods. UAV is built of brushless DC electric motor, driven rotor which is an embedded on-board computer that helps in power distribution system and various sensor units. The hardware platform utilized for the on board computer was a ATmega328p microcontroller with a clock frequency of 16MHz 14 Digital I/O pins 6Analog I/O pins , 32KB of Flash memory, 2KB of RAM with programming done predominately in C++ to express the control commands and overall system.

Keywords — Arduino, RC Aircraft, Brushless DC Motor, Microcontroller, Servo motor.