Title: "Smart Shopping Facilitator For Blind "

Page(s): 5-6
Authors: Noel James,Dennis Koshy Sam,Roncy Anie Cheriyan,Sherin Elizhabeth Babu


Abstract— This project aims on assisting the visually impaired people for being self-reliant and self-sufficient. It facilitates easy shopping, saves customers’ time and promotes business sales. The facilitator is mounted on the trolleys available in the super markets. Here we make use of RFID technology which is the simplest and most efficient technology for object detection and identification while shopping. The RFID technology consists of RFID Reader and RFID Tags. RFID Tags will be mounted on the shelves in the shops which are powered by the RFID Reader while making contact. An audio module APR9600IC is used here. It is interfaced with the PIC16F877A. The RFID Reader detects the object, identifies it and converts it to a unique EPIC (Electronic Product Identification Code) with the help of the audio module. The audio file, furnishing the details of the identified product corresponding to the code is played to the user with the help of a speaker. If the user requires the identified product the user can press the switch which will direct it to billing system via a ZigBee.

Keywords — PIC, ZigBee, Audio Module.