Title: "A Smart Prepaid Anti-theft Energy meter "

Authors: Ann Mary Michael, Mathews Mathew, Raghav Nath , Reeja Mathew, Rohit Koshy Roy


Abstract— Power utilities in different countries are incurring huge losses due to electricity theft. This paper proposes the control of electricity theft by using a prepaid energy metering system. In this system a smart energy meter is installed in every consumer unit and at the service provider side a server is maintained. The meter and the server are equipped with GSM module which facilitates bidirectional communication. By sending a PIN number hidden in a scratch card to the server using SMS consumers can easily recharge their energy meter. The bidirectional GSM communication using SMS ensures the effectiveness of these measures. Pilferage of electricity can be substantially reduced by incorporating the proposed measures along with the prepaid metering scheme. Legal actions against dishonest consumers are also taken in this system.

Keywords — electricity theft; prepaid meter; GSM networks; SMS; smart energy meter; recharge card.