Title: "Optimizing Energy Savings Using Battery -Less Pv Harvesting System With Grid Backup And Real Time Solar Tracking "

Page(s): 14-15
Authors: Mr.Achu G Kumar, Arjun Anil, Aromal B Raj


Abstract— Due to the present energy crisis we are seeing a transformation to renewable energy sources like the solar energy. The disadvantage of solar energy lies in the high replacement cost of batteries and on the non- uniformity of solar availability. By using a battery-less system we directly uses the solar energy to run DC appliances. If the availability of energy is less, then the required additional energy will be taken from the grid which ensures continuous supply. Moreover the real time based solar tracking ensures better capturing of solar rays. Since we use DC appliances, we avoid multiple conversions and reduce the cost. This project finds its application in Govt. offices, schools etc which functions at the time when abundant solar energy is available.

Keywords — Grid tied PV harvesting system without battery, Solar Tracking, DC Home.