Title: "Smart Vehicle with Automatic Speed Regulation "

Page(s): 4-8
Authors: Mr.Anu S Pillai,Akhila T J,Shibinlal S,Raymond D Harock,Rekha T


Abstract— The major threat faced by today’s world is increasing number of accidents. Nowadays people are driving very fast; we lost our valuable life by making small mistake while driving (school zone, hills area, and highways). So in order to avoid such kind of accidents and to alert the drivers and to control their vehicle speed in such kind of places the highway department have placed the signboards. But sometimes it may be possible to view that kind of signboards and there is a chance for accident. In this paper we are controlling the speed of two wheelers. This paper is composed of two separate units: zone status transmitter unit and receiver (speed display and control) unit. Once the information is received from the zones, the vehicle’s embedded unit automatically alerts the driver, to reduce the speed according to the zone, it waits for few seconds, and otherwise vehicle’s speed control unit automatically reduces the speed.

Keywords — CDI-Capacitive discharge ignition