Title: "Line Power Control and Distribution using Power Line Communication "

Page(s): 1-4
Authors: Mr.Niyas Yousuf, Jency Jose,Remya.R.J,Sreeraj Nampoothiri.N,Devootty.A.M


Abstract— The electric power generation in our country rely primarily on hydro electric generators. The main suppliers of electrical power are government or public sector authorities, but it is a fact that power generation is not up to the mark to meet all power demands which necessitates measures likepower cut,load shedding etc.., to meet the future demand. To avoid complete breakdown of power a new system is introduced by which power to individual consumers could be limited. The main components used are an intelligent embedded system with the most modern AVR controller, a power line communication system and a set of Hall Effect sensors. The core logic behind the project is to monitor the current consumption at peak hours and to activate a breaker when the consumption increases beyond the limit value for that particular consumer. So in this way power consumption could be limited at peak hours and enables the distribution of available power according to the allowed demand

Keywords — PLC, Hall Effect Sensor, Opto-Triac.