Title: "Age Estimation from Pulp/Tooth Ratio Using MATLAB "

Page(s): 33-36
Authors: Lia Ann Varughese,Lismol Davis,Malavika R,Maria Salim,Mrs. Ranjitha Rajan


Abstract: Accurate age estimation of human adult is an important problem in both anthropological and forensic fields. This paper proposes a method for the determination of pulp to tooth area ratio from dental radiographs of canine teeth, which is a non-invasive and feasible method for adult age prediction. With advancing age, the size of dental pulp cavity is reduced as a result of secondary dentine deposit. The aim of the study is to test the reliability and applicability of pulp/tooth area ratio (PTR) in canine teeth as an indicator of age.

Index Terms— Age estimation, Canine teeth, Pulp/tooth area ratio.