Title: "Design and Analysis of Mems Cantilever Switch"

Page(s): 23 - 25
Authors: Prof. Vijay Matta,Ms. Sayali Dhongade,Mr. Mayur Agrawal,Ms. Sumita Jana,Mr. Amol Bhongade


Abstract: The intent of this paper is to discuss about the MEMS switch ,its design in an optimized way .Various aspect in which MEMS switches are advantageous over semiconductor switches are also compared in it. Mechanical coaxial and waveguide switches have low insertion loss, large off-state isolation and high power handling capabilities, but they are bulky, heavy and slow. The semiconductor switches have faster switching speed and are small in size and weight but have high insertion loss hence more static power consumption and less isolation and power handling capacity; Whereas MEMS switches have the advantages of both , the Mechanical and Semiconductor Switches .They provide higher RF performance , low static power consumption but with smaller size ,weight and is available at low cost .The MEMS switches are designed and its result are obtained by using Coventorware and this software is explained in detail in pervious paper.

Index Terms— MEMS, MEMS switch.