Title: "Design and Control of Flexible Pneumatic Glass Climbing Robot "

Page(s): 13 - 17
Authors: Rasika Tade, Ketki Gowardipe,Yashika Chavan,Mr. Atul Sharma


Abstract: The main motive of glass climbing robot is to climb on vertical glass surface. For this purpose efficient attachment and detachment is an important aspect. The purpose of designing this type of robot is that they can take place of humans to carry out hazardous work such as cleaning of glass surfaces, fire rescue, inspection of high rise buildings, etc. this robot can also be used for security purpose and also to calculate the height of building. The robot can move in all the four directions up, down, right, left. This project is aimed at developing robot which can move on vertical glass surface when suction pump is on and even on ground surface when suction pump is off. One of the most challenging task is to make the robot’s weight as light as possible along with proper adhesion and locomotion system with low cost.

Index Terms— Robot, climbing, adhesion, suction cup, micro controller.