Title: "Zigbee Based Remote Monitering Of Parameters of Trasformer Using Wireless Interface "

Page(s): 9 - 12
Authors: Saurabh Kathale,Saurabh Nimje,Sanket Mahajan,Pratik Mahalle,Apoorva Kulkarni,NehaSambartode


Abstract: Day by day our needs are increasing and everything is turning effort free. In today’s world automation has become a basic need for the society. Transformers are the nerves of many industries and residential area. Hence industrial automation is required for perfect and accurate operations. This paper proposes a wireless control and monitoring system for a transformer based on Zigbee communication protocol for safe and economic data communication in industrial fields where the wired communication is more expensive or impossible due to physical conditions. A set of transducers and sensors checks the parameters of transformer and transmit the data through Zigbee Protocol at a range of 2.4 GHz. An AVR system is used to collect and store data and accordingly is used to generate control signal to stop or start the transformer wireless through computer interface developed with Zigbee.

Index Terms— Atmega16, Transformer, Zigbee.