Title: "Analysis and Mitigation of Harmonics Using Passive Filters"

Page(s): 123-127
Authors: Mathew Abraham,AnoopR,Barath S Kumar,LiyaDevassy


Abstract: Harmonics are the components of a distorted periodic waveform whose frequencies are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency caused mainly due to the non-linear loads. The effects of harmonics includes increased losses, equipment heating, loss-of-life etc. In this project we analysed the presence of harmonics due to the switching components and non-linear elements in a system. Using a fluke meter we could compare the performance of linear and non-linear elements in a power system. As it is necessary to eliminate the harmonics this project provides an explanation of the design of a passive filter for harmonic mitigation. A passive filter was designed for a 500W, 230V experimental setup and the harmonic distortion was found to be reduced. In addition to explaining the theory behind, useful observations and charts are included so that reader can use this information for the future analysis of their power system circumstances.

Index Terms— Fundamental frequency, Harmonics, Harmonics filter, linear load, Non-linear load, Passive shunt filter