Title: "Endurance the MAT lab Controlled Surveillance Robot "

Page(s): 108-111
Authors: Milan Krishna K, Rahul Gopan, Kiran Joseph, Seemily Mathew.


Abstract: This paper deals with the design and implementation of a multi-purpose wireless surveillance robot which is operated with the help of Graphical User Interface (GUI) of MATLAB. Surveillance robots find many applications in a variety of fields such as military surveillance, fault detection in large pipelines like penstock pipes and surveillance of areas hostile to humans, like areas vulnerable to nuclear radiations. The robot uses Open Source Arduino microcontroller for the control of various dynamic parts of the machine. It is one of the latest and simplest microcontrollers for development of robotic projects. The mobility is imparted to the machine via geared DC motors which are driven by motor controllers. The night vision camera which is made dynamic with the help of controlled servomotors enables the users to get a detailed view of the area in which the robot is sent. The air quality sensor in the robot enables us to detect whether the environment is feasible to humans. Wireless operation is made possible with the help of ZigBee pair, programmed with AT commands which can give a range up to 300m. The mechanical design is also tuned by imparting belt driven wheels which provides a wide area of contact for greater grip and angle of ascend. Humidity and temperature sensors provide an exact idea about the surroundings being observed. The MATLAB interface will provide greater flexibility to the system and thus makes it easier to install for a handful of operations. It is sure that the paper will prove to be a breakthrough in surveillance vehicles and thereby a great scope of future development due to the flexibility of the system.

Index Terms— Graphical User Interface, ZigBee pair, Hardware in the loop, X-CTU.