Title: "Intelligent Shopping Cart "

Page(s): 103-107
Authors: Rosamma Sebastian,Philip Chethalan,Philip T Nedumpuram,Prathibha S Nair,Tomin George


Abstract: An intelligent cart for the customer at shopping malls. The objective is to make a user friendly cart for shopping process. By the development of this cart, the customer does not need to push the cart. It will automatically follow the person throughout the shopping by sensing the movements of the customer. When any item is put into the trolley, RFID reader will read the tag value of that item and starts billing operation. When any item is taken back, it will reduce the price of that item from the calculated bill amount. After completing the shopping, the customer can just pay the final bill amount after the pc in billing section gives a request command. Deactivating command resets the cart. When the customer reaches the main entrance, he or she can collect the bill and pay the amount easily without any time delay.

Index Terms— Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Wireless ZigBee Module, Infra-Red (IR) transmitter and receiver, AVR Microcontroller,Ultrasonic Sensors Arduino module.