Title: "Blind Assistance Technology (B.A.T) "

Page(s): 99-102
Authors: Abhilash Anandan,Ajith Mathew,Binu Mathew,Dennis John,Geet Rose Jose,Sreedev Krishnakumar


Abstract: A significant challenge that visually impaired people face is finding their belongings when they need them. Most of the object detection methods and algorithms used are too resource hungry to be used on low end hardware. Here, an innovative contour based tagging system has been developed by the authors. The information obtained from these tags is provided in a meaningful and non-intrusive manner. Bone conduction and sound spatialization is used for finding the exact location of objects. Speech recognition is used to accept voice commands from the user. Alongside this is an ultrasonic glove is used to detect obstacles in his path. The glove provides haptic feedback so the user can estimate the distance from the object intuitively.

Index Terms— visual impairment, computer vision, haptics, bone conduction, accessibility