Title: "Comparison of Rectenna Array Configurations for Enhanced Efficiency "

Page(s): 96-98
Authors: Mathew M. John,Pooja S,Ritchie Johnson,Sneha Thankom Thomas,Prof.Jaison C.S,Prof. G. Senthil Kumar


Abstract: A rectenna is a rectifying antenna, that is used for converting microwave energy to DC. This can be used for the transmission of electric power to a long distance, without physical cabling, i.e., by using microwaves [2]. DC power generated by multiple rectennas can be used for reliable device operation. Two recent methods adopted for rectenna array configuration are RF Combiner and DC Combiner5. In this proposal we are planning to make more detailed investigations on some novel methods for improving the efficiency of rectenna in various coupling combinations so that we can attain a more reliable RF power harvesting method.

Index Terms— Array configuration, rectenna array, RF power transmission, zero-bias diode.