Title: "Loseless Compression of Dithered Images Using Pseudo Distance Technique (PDT) "

Page(s): 92-95
Authors: Preethi Sankar L,Reshma S S,Mahati S V,Sabitha K S,Smitha Vas P


Abstract:In order to display high-bit resolution images on low-bit resolution displays, bit resolution needs to be reduced. This problem is vital especially for low-cost or small (mobile) devices. To untangle the bit reduction problem, special color quantization algorithms, called dithering, are employed on high-bit resolution images. The dithering process helps to provide solution the problem, but it does not help much in terms of storage and transmission of images. Several compression techniques such as PNG,GIF, JPEG have been employed for compression of dithered images. To improve the compression gain, special compression techniques that take into account structure of image data and transmission must be developed. We propose to implement the Pseudo-Distance Technique (PDT) for dithered images The compression result of this approach will be compared with result of graphic interchange format (GIF) ,a portable network format (PNG),JPEG formats.