Title: "Home Automation using Lab VIEW "

Page(s): 55-61
Authors: Rebecca Rajan,Praveena Richu Jacob,Priya Papechen,Priya Antony,Binu C. Pillai


Abstract:Home automation is an application of ubiquitous computing in which the home environment is monitored by ambient intelligence. It leads to the concept of smart home. Smart home is a house that uses information technology to monitor the environment, control the electric appliances and communicates with the outer world with the help of data acquisition in LabVIEW software. It has an intelligent control over the activities performed frequently in daily life to achieve more comfortable and safety life. This system is based on the LabVIEW software which controls home and also act as a security guard of the home. It is a complex technology, at the same time it is developing. The system has temperature monitoring and controlling system, internal and external lighting systems and burglar alarm system to ensure family security. The system also has internet connection to monitor and control house equipments from anywhere in the world. It can send warning messages to the user as e-mail. The approach comprises of both hardware and software technologies. The aim of this project is to map the processes yielding optimal utilization of smart home technology, to ensure as many users as possible having access to the technology most relevant for their needs.

Index Terms—Smart home; LabVIEW; Data Acquisition Card; Automation.