Title: "Driver Assistance System Using Lab VIEW "

Page(s): 46-50
Authors: Jose J Edathala,Megha Varghese,Mereena Thomas,Navya Athira Ram,Vrinda Krishna


Abstract: TThis project aims in automising certain features of a car. The two features automised are the wiper system and headlamp system. Both of these are implemented using a graphical platform called LabVIEW.Windshield wipers play a key role in assuring the driver's safety during precipitation. The traditional wiper systems, however, requires driver's constant attention in adjusting the wiper speed and the intermittent wiper interval because the amount of precipitation on the windshield constantly varies according to time and vehicle's speed. The manual adjustment of the wiper distracts driver's attention, which may be a direct cause of traffic accidents. Similarly the automatic dimming of headlamp makes it effortless for the driver’s thereby ensuring it to be a reliable mode of transport. Thus the project is an endeavor towards an effective design and development of an automatic windshield wiper system and headlamp system.

Index Terms— Drivers assistance, LabVIEW, DAQ.