Title: "Automated Solar Irrigation system with MPPT "

Page(s): 32-37
Authors: Krishna S. Kolte,Pratik D. Selkar, Abhijit Singare,Sandip Salwe,Reeta Damah


Abstract: As we know in Mostly in ’India’ Electrical Energy is generated by the burning of coal. This generation of electrical energy produces lot of pollution. And as we know solar energy is conventional source of energy, it is readily available 12hours in a day. Solar energy can became alternative to this non-conventional energy but there is problem is that photovoltaic cell are less efficient. In order to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells MPPT techniques are used.[1] In this paper we present that 12volt battery is charged with the help of solar panel & MPPT. Then this system is used for irrigation purpose by directly applying 12volt dc to the DC pumps with battery, it can also be used in fields by increasing solar panel & battery rating, DC pump for large scale use. It can also used in hotel & motels, bungalows for gardening. This system is completely automated using IC 555.

Index Terms— MPPT, PV system, IC555, DC pumps, Sprinklers.