Title: "Computer Vision Based Object Sorting & Fault Detection Using Ann "

Page(s): 65-68
Authors: Amol Dhenge,Pallavi Keskar,Anupriya Kuhikar, Pallavi Kawadkar, Trupti Chaudhary, Prateeksha Palasmode, Mohini Neware


Abstract: This Paper focuses on the recognition system of bolt and nut in real time for application in various industries. The objective of this study is to develop the image processing algorithm using back propagation to get the normalized cropping images which would be suitable inputs processing and detection. Testing is done using a real-time visual recognition system. The MATLAB software version 11 is used to integrate all algorithms. The implementation so consists of a prototype that emulates the sorting of nuts and bolts. Consisting of a control system this hardware provides data through the microcontroller based system of the MATLAB code which then activates the camera for image processing. It also activates the motor differently to sort the different parts. The results how’s that the system can detect moving object accurately on the belt conveyor and sort them accordingly as required for the application.

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