Title: "Zoological Surveillance and Data Acquisition System "

Page(s): 62-64
Authors: Dipesh D. Nagrale,Gauravkumar P. Wadibhasme, Priyanka K. Bhagwat,Rucha R. Dhumne,Saurabh D. Bisen


Abstract: Now a day with increase in population human beings is trying to interfere with wildlife for their research and individual purpose. It results the disturbance in wildlife. There are many more applications for collecting information of animals. But it is not easy to detect specific animal in forest so we are introducing this project that is Zigbee based wireless network for collecting the information of animals in the forest such as their behaviour, body temperature, pulse rate, and their location using GPS and also for Counting. A tag will be provided to wild animals that transmit their information continuously that will help to have a closer watch on them.

Index Terms— TCRT1000, ATMEGA16, DS1621, ZIGBEE, GPS.