Title: "Gps Based Hawk Eye – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle "

Page(s): 1 - 4
Authors: Mr. R. Arangasamy M. Tech (Ph. D),Mr. S.Satheesh Kumar AP,R. Aravindhan,P. Muralidaran, E.Santhosh


Abstract: Robotics is an upcoming field in the present trend. Micro and Nano-electronic systems have their equal share in robotics. With the usual aid of future in mind, this paper deals with the application of robotics for human welfare which possibly is a way to analyze, summarize, record, observe and comfort a havoc situation. The usage of reasonable cost materials and open source electronics with optimum coding acquaintances that can yield a better understanding of an environment and to protect the life in it is the purpose. Arduino open source boards which come along with the Arduino software forms the base for the system. The system runs the various accessories from the I/O ports of the board. Vision sensors, infrared sensors, altitude sensor, proximity sensor and GPS devices are connected. Using the APM and manual control operations the bot can be controlled and operated. Further this Bot can work on its own i.e. it uses Artificial Intelligence to counter all obstacles and provide the data to the nearest base station. Its main application is to save human life from risks and enhance accuracy over menaced places.

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