Title: "A Vehicle for Physically Challenged "

Page(s): 27 - 31
Authors: Karthikeyan.K,Shrenik.V,Manikandan.G,Pillai Madhushankar Subramonia,Ramachandran.S


The aim of this project is to make a vehicle especially for people who have lost their hands due to some accidents in some point of time in their lives but this vehicle can be upgraded for people who have lost their legs as well with some modifications in the initial design. The specialty about this vehicle is that the steering, acceleration as well as the braking system is designed to be operated using the legs of the driver. This project has been an attempt to change the lives of the above mentioned section of the society. Changes have been done in the steering of a vehicle. A customized fork bolt has been designed for front wheel. The fork bolt is of larger length than usual and over this accelerator and brake pedals are placed on each side of the extended fork bolt. The pedals are attached to a foot rest for the comfort of the driver. The comfort of the driver has been taken care of by providing a comfortable seat and other safety precautions which shall protect the driver from any accident, etc. Through this vehicle a purpose is given to the physically challenged as using this vehicle, they would be able to help in transportation and give their contribution for the development of the society in the larger scale.