Title: "Sensing vulnerabilities and multiple spoofing adversaries in wireless LAN"

Page(s): 3 - 8
Authors: S.karthika , A.kanagalakshmi


Abstract: Wireless spoofing attacks easy to launch and can significantly impact the performance of networks. The identity of a node verified through cryptographic authentication, conventional security approaches are not always desirable because of their overhead requirements. The spatial information of physical property associated with each node, hard to falsify and not reliant on cryptography, as the basis for detecting spoofing attacks, determining the number of attackers when multiple adversaries masquerading as the same node identity and localizing multiple adversaries. The formulation of determining the number of attackers as a multiclass detection problem. This project requires Request Storms (RS) algorithm to determine the number of attackers. This RS algorithm used for sending and receiving continuous packet transmission storms and detect malicious intruder using intensity based localization. The RS algorthim detect the unauthorized Internet Protocol / Medium Access Control (IP / MAC) and copy to the Access Control List (ACL), easy to detect and localize the intruder in the network. The integrated detection and localization system that can localize the positions of multiple attackers.

Keywords-Spoofing,Internetprotocol,Medium access control protocol, Access control list.