Title: "Heuristic Approach for Network Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks "

Page(s): 49 - 53
Authors: L.Srimenaga,M.Maheswari


By using the mobile sink, we can reduce the energy consumption of nodes and to prevent the formation of energy holes in wireless sensor networks(WSNs)and this was mainly used for delay-sensitive applications within a given time constraint. My approach is that mobile sink node only visits rendezvous point(RPs) and this may be opposed to all the nodes. In this sensor nodes not having rendezvous point(RPs) means multihopping can be done to the nearest RPs.To computing a tour, that visits all these RPs.Calculating the optimal tour is an NP-hard problem. To address the problem called as weighted rendezvous planning(WRP)is proposed, there by each sensor node is assigned a weight to its hop distance.WRP is to be validated through computer simulation and our WRP as a mobile sink to retrieve all sensed data within a given time constraint.WRP reduces energy consumption by 22% and increases network lifetime by 44%.

Index Terms—Mobile sink,Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN),optimal tour..