Title: " Dark Image Enhancement through Channel Division Using Super Resolution Technique "

Page(s): 29 - 33
Authors: Volga Mohan,Kavitha N Nair,Dr.Vinodkumar Jacob


Abstract–Image enhancement is the one of the challenging issues in image processing. Since Image clarity is very easily affected by lighting, weather, or equipment that has been used to capture image .These conditions lead to image may suffer from loss of information. Principle objective of image enhancement is to process an image so that result is more suitable than original image for specific application. The Content aware algorithm enhances the image by producing ad hoc transformation for each image by selecting particular content of an image which has to be processed. In order to produce better result of an image content aware method with super resolution technique is introduced in this paper. To implement the proposed algorithm, first transform the image into hue–saturation–value color space. Then proposed algorithm applied to image intensity. After the enhancement, use hue (H) and saturation (S) components from the original image and merge with the enhanced intensities to create the final image. These procedures maintain the color (HS) of the image while improving its intensity level (V).Then super resolution technique is applied to the image. It creates an improved resolution image from all low feature values.

Keywords- Image enhancement, Channel division, Content Aware,Contrast pair, super resolution