Title: "Efficient Data Integration System Using Filtering Method in Data Analytics"

Page(s): 40-43
Authors: J.S.Revathi , M.Sundhara Vadivu, E.Dhivya,L.Vinitha Kumari,Dr.D.Karunkuzhali


Abstract— Big Data concern large and complex volume of data, growing data sets with multiple and independent sources. Now a Days Intellectual Property Process is processed by the Government and Legal Authorities with respect to the common Legal Systems. This Process is only carried by the Legal Authorities and not notified to the common People and it very tough to get the exact & clear details about the Law and Order. People do not know the exact details of list punishments which should be given. Our aim is to Exhibit all the set of Punishments to be given to the Crime makers by publishing the Legal Activities to the People through Application. There is no such a kind of system existing in real-time so far.

Keywords — Big Data, Content Based Recommendation, Data Sets, Crime and its Punishments