Title: "Human Emotion Recognition System "

Page(s): 22-24
Authors: Akhil Sabu Varughese, Ganesh Chandran, Nithin Mathew, Seles Luiz.


Abstract— The facial recognition method for identifying the human emotions was developed and used now a days. This method is not reliable, it has many flaws. One of the flaws is that fake emotions will be detected by the signal processor. The recognition system we are introducing manipulates facial emotions and body vitals. The fake emotions can be identified from the body vitals like pulse and body temperature. In this project we are using combination of ECG and Temperature sensor to identify human emotions. Combination of these sensors and Open CV (open source platform for image processing) helps to identify the proper emotions of the person. The proper emotions is primarily identified and stored in databases. These databases are developed from EEG analysis from music therapy.

Keywords — EEG, fractal dimension, SVM, emotion recognition, Open CV, Face recognition, ECG, music therapy.