Title: "Android Based Currency Recognition System for Blind"

Page(s): 19-21
Authors: Nayana Susan Jose,Shermin Siby, Juby Mathew, Mrudula Das


Abstract— There are around 285 Million people who are visually impaired worldwide[1]. One of the greatest difficulty faced by a blind person is to know the value of the currency that he or she has. It becomes a great difficulty for them to exchange money during purchases and they may get cheated in many instances. This paper is mainly built to support them and make them easier to get used to the currencies. Here, we propose an android based application for recognizing currencies of different countries and also their denominations mainly for visually impaired people. Image processing techniques like feature extraction and matching are used to identify currencies. This application runs on a low end smartphone. We give an audio message as the input to start the app and to capture the image. Then the image is captured and is compared with the test image. If the features of both the images are spatially consistent, then an audio output is given to the user about the denomination of the currency and to which country it belongs to. Otherwise, an error message is given as output.

Keywords — Feature extraction, matching;