Title: "Trusted Support Service and OTP method for Moving Big Data to Cloud" "

Page(s): 14-18
Authors: Muhsina.B.S,PreethikaRajashekhar,Supriya.V,ThusleenaKabeer,Navin K.S


Abstract— Cloud computing is a mechanism in which company hires the data centre and hosts the confidential information for computing the various services in low cost infrastructure, on demand and dynamic provisioning. An important open issue here is to efficiently move the data, from different geographical locations over time, into a cloud for effective processing. The de facto approach of hard drive shipping is not flexible or secure. This work studies timely, cost-minimizing upload of massive, dynamically-generated, geo-dispersed data into the cloud, for processing using a Map Reduce-like framework. But it outstands with security concerns. Security requirements for cloud computing environment should have trusted computing platform. The system proposes cloud computing system is combined with Trusted Support Service (TSS). In this design, better user authentication can be obtained by using One Time Password (OTP) which will sent to user via email and SMS. The system also provides the Trusted Support Service (TSS) by using Java/C editor. Paper also demonstrates the performance comparison of this system. For cost-minimizing data migration problem, we propose two online algorithms: an online lazy migration (OLM) algorithm and a randomized fixed horizon control (RFHC) algorithm , for optimizing at any given time the choice of the data centre for data aggregation and processing, as well as the routes for transmitting data there. Here we are demonstrating this concept through a banking application

Keywords — Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Online algorithms.