Title: "Secured Multimedia Processing in Big data Using DataCloud and Mapreduce Algorithm " "

Page(s): 64-70
Authors: Varnachithra.A, Sahishna Krishna R.G, Neethy C Nair, Navya Anna Moncy, Navin K.S


Abstract— Big Data is a data analysis methodology enabled by recent advances in technologies and architectures. The scalability issue of big data leads towards cloud computing which offers the promise of big data implementation to small and medium sized businesses. Our paper proposes Big Data processing in cloud through a programming paradigm known as MapReduce. We also propose a novel architecture for the future Internet based on information-centric networking which is called Community Oriented DataClouds where users under common interest are brought together into a community. As a sample application of the mentioned concept, we perform multimedia processing and storage in a private cloud. After data processing, clustering is done and encryption is performed on it. For data encryption and decryption we use blowfish algorithm that supports for all file formats. Integrating all the multimedia processing under a single application and storing it in DataClouds or cloud communities make this a different approach.

Keywords — DataCloud, MapReduce