Title: "Advance Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Network Using Direct and Indirect Observation" "

Page(s): 55-59
Authors: C.Balaraman,Mr.M.Balamurugan


Abstract— The dynamic behavior of MANETs may lead to many security vulnerabilities. To avoid the hackers, a globally trust management that enhances security in MANETs is used. The trust management scheme has two methods, trust from direct observation method and trust from indirect observation method. The direct observation method source can monitor one hop neighbor node. On the other hand, with indirect observation, source will send recommendation message to all the neighbor nodes, and each neighbor will send the trust value of its neighbors to source node. Source will validate the message and select the best route without malicious activities. The two trust modal are combined to produce more accurate trust values and it provide more security. Reputation is added in trust evaluation. Modified AODV protocol is used here for solving black hole attack in MANETs.

Keywords — Security, Mobile ad hoc networks(MANETs), Trust management, AODV protocol