Title: "Privacy Ensured Contemplate With SVM and Role Based Classification with Collaborative Tagging" "

Page(s): 50-54
Authors: A Divya,S Madhu Sudhanan,M Poornima


Abstract— Tagging system is one of the most diffused and popular services available online. This system allows users to add free text labels generally referred as tags to the Internet resources for example web pages, images, video, music and even blogs. Web metadata have a potential to improve search, retrieval and to protect end user from possible harmful content. The Organization updates their Company portal with public sharing data along with Sensitive data. The query is processed based on the User Profile Analysis. In actual system provide taxonomy of tagging system and system web technologies help to specify labels and rate for that labels which assess the trustworthiness of resources to enforce web access personalization. To enhance the efficiency of tag suppression the privacy ensured skim with Support Vector Machine along with Privacy Enhancing Technology is implemented. SVM is used for extraction of data and obscure delicate data. PET is achieved by using the technique Tag Suppression which has the role of providing the privacy for information. Web user will search using a keyword. The keyword may be the location, feedback or cost to analyze the data. The authentication of the portal is done by the management. Management classified as two roles they are Department Head Role and Admin. Department Head Role is to update their part of portal and retrieve only the corresponding data. Final authentication and approval is done by the admin. Through the analysis efficiency guarantees of proposed scheme is achieved.

Keywords — Collaborative tagging; Privacy enhancing technology; tag suppression; Support vector machine; unsupervised duplicate detection.