Title: "Single Sign-On Mechanism Using RSA-VES"

Page(s): 44-49
Authors: Reeba Alexander,R.Medona Selin


Abstract— Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanism is one of the latest authentication mechanisms in distributed computer network. This mechanism enables a valid user with single token to access services of multiple service providers in a network. Previously many SSO schemes are implemented. This paper proves that previous schemes are insecure as it fails to meet token privacy and soundness of authentication.Basically; here two impersonation attacks are present. The first attack allows the dishonest service provider who had communicated with valid user twice can easily recover user’s token and impersonate user to access services of other service providers. In second attack, an external without any token can be able to enjoy the services freely by acting as valid user or nonexistent user. This paper proposes verifiable encryption of RSA signatures to overcome the flaws of previous SSO scheme.

Keywords — Encryption, network security, signature, single sign-on, token.