Title: "A Technical Monitoring Tool to Mitigate Insider Threat under Windows Environment "

Page(s): 22-25
Authors: Ashokkumar G,Prof. S. Rajendren


Abstract— The insider vulnerability assessment and threat identification based on event logs and security monitoring for windows network machines assist in the internal threat identification of an organizations. It is the process of tightening the security measures and active monitoring of activities for their internal employees. The Organization’s Security analyst can assign the severity levels and their ranks to automate the security alert information and monitoring. The add-on features for restriction setting and user activities monitoring are particularly essential for monitoring threats inside the organization. The dynamic nature of security requires facilitated windows batch and PowerShell commands execution in the same platform for the security analyst.

Keywords — Auto Mains Failure (AMF) panel, Diesel Generator (D.G), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).