Title: " A Location Tracking System Using Location Prediction and Dynamic Threshold "

Page(s): 130-136
Authors: Janani.S,Lakshmi.A,Lavanya.N, Mrs. K. Rejini


Abstract— IIn this paper, a real time location tracking system is developed based on GPS with foremost two techniques LBD and Dynamic threshold. Location based delivery(LBD) is used to track the moving speed of the target.LBD consists of dynamic threshold,SMS and GPS.Dynamic Threshold values can be adjusted according to the moving speed of the target. The automatic SMS is generated when the target exceeds the threshold value and sent to the target with absolute speed and accurate location .It reduces the number of short messages.SMS delivery is based on the latitude and longitude of the target location.Here the latitude and longitude are calculated using GPS. It mainly overcomes the limitations in previous time based delivery system. This paper presents a tracking Techniques application for android mobile phone user’s. .

Keywords — Global positioning system (GPS), location tracking, prediction algorithms, short message service(SMS), Dynamic threshold and Location based Delivery(LBD).