Title: " Separable Information hiding by Embedding Keys "

Page(s): 119-123
Authors: Hariharan M, Chandramouli A, Pradeepkumar J, Elakiya R


Abstract— A rising in E-Commerce market is seen in recent time throughout the globe. With ever increasing quality of on-line searching, Debit or mastercard fraud and private data security area unit major considerations for purchasers, merchants and banks specifically within the case of CNP (Card Not Present). This paper presents a replacement approach for providing restricted data solely that's necessary for fund transfer throughout on-line searching thereby safeguarding client knowledge and increasing client confidence and preventing fraud. the tactic uses combined application of Modified Steganography and visual cryptography for this purpose.The proposed method aims at encrypting a JPEG bitstream into a properly systematic structure, and a secret message is embedded into the encrypted bitstream by modifying the JPEG stream. Usable bits suitable for data hiding is identified so that the encrypted bitstream carrying secret data can be decoded correctly.The cofidental message bits are encoded with error correction codes to achieve a data extraction and image recovery. The encryption and embedding are managed by encryption and embedding keys respectively.

Keywords — Encrypted image, image recovery, information hiding,JPEG, reversible data hiding.