Title: " Analysis of Emotion Recognition using Facial Expressions, using Bezier curve. "

Page(s): 88-91
Authors: Prof. Rahul Sathawane,Mangesh Ambade, Viplove Wahane, Akshay Murkhe


Abstract— The system like Computer can not recognize the human expression, or it don’t have ability to response to human non verbal communication. In this concept we are providing ability to the computer that it can also response to human non verbal communication. Researchers proposed many approaches to recognize human emotions based on facial expressions. In this project we are using new concept which is based on Bezier curve. This paper introducing technique to detect the human expression by using Bezier curve. First, it takes an image, then by skin color segmentation, it detects human skin color, then it detects human face. The image is then converted into binary image, Then it separates the eyes & lip from the face. Then it draws Bezier curve for eyes & lips. Then it compares the Bezier curve of eyes and lips to the Bezier curves of eyes & lips that are stored in the data base. Then it finds the nearest Bezier curve from the data base & gives that data base stored Bezier curve emotion as this image emotion. Our main objective is to get the facial expression of the people. It will compare the Bezier curve of the image from the database and according to that it shows the facial expression of the image. This project can be used for the face detection and also used for the gaming purpose. The challenge in this project is to find the Bezier curve. This project can be used for the security purpose or authentication. .

Keywords — windows insider-threat mitigation security analyst, survey.