Title: " Survey and Analysis of Computing for Sanskrit related to Text Search and Tutoring Ontologies "

Page(s): 80-87
Authors: Rajitha V., Kasmir Raja S. V, Meenakshi Lakshmanan


Abstract— There has been a lot of work done in computing for Indian languages over the past decades, and especially so in Sanskrit. The problem of comprehensively searching for words or phrases in Sanskrit text has posed a challenge for decades though its usefulness to a variety of users cannot be overemphasized. The sub-problems of sandhi-processing and vibhakti-processing in Sanskrit have been dealt with by a few researchers and their work is analysed here. The authors have developed a new solution to the problems and a comparison of this with earlier work is also presented here. A novel and comprehensive sandhi-tutoring ontology has been developed by the authors, and its comparison with existing tutors has also been presented here. .

Keywords — Sanskrit, Text search, ,sandhi, vibhakti, ontology, comparative study