Title: " Secure storage and transferring file system "

Page(s): 70-75
Authors: Ramya Mala.P,Petchiammal.M,Anand.M


Abstract— In many organization, there is a lack of data security while transmission and storage. Because of the digital information and data are transmitted more often over the Internet, the technology of protecting and securing the secure messages requires to discovered and developed. And a web application involves communication among network between client and server. There is need for security of data between client and server involved in web applications. Digital steganography is the art and science of hiding information into covert channels so as to conceal the information and prevent the detection of the hidden message. In our proposed system an application is created. User login into the application and select the cover image. The selected image is splitted into 16 image slices. Image slice is key of the system. Secure file is encrypted using Inigma algorithm. The encrypted secure file is embedded into the selected image. Then the embedded image is transmitted through internet to the corresponding receiver. The receiver can extract the file from image and decrypt, if receiver knows key. Verify the file and store it. .

Keywords — Steganography, cryptography, cover image, stego image, LSB technique, data hiding.