Title: " Bluetooth Based Indoor Navigation System "

Page(s): 64-69
Authors: Aravind Kumar k,Arun prasath S,Arun prashanth G,Karthikeyan B,B.K.Banupriya


Abstract— With the increase in the size of malls, airport and buildings, People find it difficult to navigate inside the large buildings. Hence a guidance system can be introduced that becomes to attract attention. As a position estimation technology for indoor guidance, a Wi-Fi positioning system has been studied.However, Wi-Fi radio waves are not available in the hospitals and airport because that affect operations of medical equipment and the radar in the aircraft. Therefore in this paper, we propose a new real time indoor guidance system using Bluetooth through an Android device application for visitors. Our proposed system utilizes a combination of Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) of Personal Handy-phone System ( PHS ) and Dead Reckoning based on sensors of an Android device like accelerometer, compass etc. in order to estimate a user’s indoor position without affecting operation of medical equipment’s and radar communication. Through the experimental evaluation from various papers, we have clarified that the proposed system has successfully guided subjects to the destinations with accuracy of more than 93.3[%]. .

Keywords — Indoor Position Estimation, PHS, RSSI, Dead Reckoning, Android.