Title: " Effective Green Energy mechanism For Dynamic Consolidation of Virtual Machines "

Page(s): 57-63
Authors: Chithra V,Dr.P.Varalakshmi


Abstract— In this contemporary days, Power plays a vital role in large concerns of ingenuity date centers contains thousands of high-computing servers and providing outsourced business-critical Technology services. In this paper, we focused on reducing power consumption by the means of consolidating the resources dynamically. The idea is delivering computing infrastructure, in which cloud hosting are accomplished in suitable servers offered in datacenter, this system cannot promise QOS but attain maximum energy saving, thereby decreasing effective costs and reducing carbon emissions. In this proposed paper, dynamic allocation problem has been solved by employing shuffled frog leap algorithm. We proposed standard SFLA algorithm method to attain efficient and complete dynamic allocation of multiple resource VMs. The proposed scheme not only ensures QOS specified by SLA in attaining extreme power consumption and green computing goals. By VM migrations, consolidation of resources is attained and power saving mode for low-utilized or idle to accomplish power saving ensuring that SLA has been adhered to.. .

Keywords — Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Dynamic Resource Allocation, Energy Efficiency.