Title: " Google Newsm- Java Rest Service Based Webcrawling "

Page(s): 47-51
Authors: R.Senthil Kumar,Dr.S.Saravanakumar,Prabhu J,Delin David D,Shahul Hameed M


Abstract— The heightened demand in the usage of android mobiles has paid a way for the evolution of multifold android applications that will be in use in our routine activities. In this android era, the application that will be used in our daily life is the Google map application. Google map is widely used in several fields such as object positioning, traffic monitoring and automated vehicle transportation. Large groups of people are not spending their time in reading day to day news, in order to make them as a social participant, we introduce application that will plot news on the Google map and provide a descriptive module for each news with respect to their place of occurrences. To empower college students and share holders, the proposed android application will crawl information from the websites regarding symposium, conferences, job interviews and share market status equip them with vital information and mark on the Google map, which when elected provide the compiled information as a dialog prompt flourished with requisite information. .

Keywords —Java, Android, Spring Tool Suite, Maven Dependencies.