Title: " Using Circle Composed of Colored Sectors "

Page(s): 35-38
Authors: Mr. Vijay S. Gulhane,Mr. Vilas D. Ghonge


Abstract— Cloud Computing is an one of the emerging computing technology that uses the internet and control remote servers to maintain data and its application. For the protection of data it is very essential to outsource data and encrypt it, in order to protect it from unauthorized user. Here we are going to propose an efficient, secure and fast data searching technique which will help us to handle data efficiently in cloud storage or server. The indexing scheme is used in order to provide fast data retrieval while ensuring the security. The indexing and ranking scheme for displaying the data will improve the efficiency of searching. The security can be increased by encrypting each of the documents with different keys. Order preserving encryption technique based on ranking has some data leakage problem , In order to avoid this problem multikeyword based data retrieval scheme is to be proposed. It helps to the user to retrieve relevant data or files in which they are interested in. Since the search operation is performed over encrypted data, information leakage can be eliminated and data can be searched and retrieved efficiently. .

Keywords — Cloud Computing, Data Retrieval, Encrypted Data, Multikeyword Search.