Title: "Shoulder Surfing Resistant Illustrative Password Scheme Using Circle Composed of Colored Sectors "

Page(s): 32-34
Authors: Ekta Ahuja,Rupali Badhe,Jinesh Surana,Mayuri Kumbhar


Abstract— With the vast introduction of the wireless world, the exchanged information now is more prone to security attacks than ever. The main objective of this paper is to secure data using passwords based on text schemas with colors. It secures user’s data from shoulder attacks. Since predictable password schemes are susceptible to shoulder surfing; many figurative password schemes have been projected to avoid shoulder attacks. In this paper, we have recommended an improved figurative password scheme with the help of colors which is text based. Access to any system is mostly based on alphanumeric key. However, users have interest on figurative passwords, therefore we have projected text based figurative password scheme. In this paper, for the substantiation purpose, password schema using the figurative password which is text based is used for the login process. .

Keywords — Authentication approaches, Figurative Password, Shoulder Surfing, and Text based password.