Title: "A Smart Automatic Mains Failure Panel with Diesel Generator Control and Wi-Fi "

Page(s): 20-25
Authors: Mr.Abhijith Mohanan. N, Kiranlal. C, Anju. G.R, Krupa Mariam Jacob and Sharmila. T.P


Abstract— This paper focuses on the development of a smart Auto Mains Failure (AMF) panel meant for day to day electrical applications. AMF panel is unavoidable in industries, hospitals, educational industries etc. where generator is compulsory. It acts as the switching mechanism between the generator, load and the main power supply. It ensures consistent power supply to the load. An AMF panel, which can be controlled from a distance using Wi-Fi is presented here. The proposed system displays the generator parameters and indicates the type of fault in the supply mains and saves energy. The hardware model of the system is explained, which can be used for the validation of the results.

Keywords — Auto Mains Failure (AMF) panel, Diesel Generator (D.G), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).