Title: "A Study on Content Extraction from Social Networking Site "

Page(s): 1-6
Authors: Mr. Narashima S. Purohit,Meghana Bhat,Akshata B, Angadi,Karuna C. Gull


Abstract— Internet is rich in useful information. Social media has a rising impact on the way the world connects, builds and communicates. Social networks are basically about the people in them and their activities include shares, comments and posts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the popular Social networking services where users have personal profiles, add other users as friends. In this paper, we have considered popular social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) as a case study. The paper helps students to learn how the dynamic and unstructured data can be extracted from the live sites and the concept behind the scene of extraction process is detailed, this helps them to work further to develop an algorithm that suits better to raise the marketing strategies. We have proposed the Application framework in general. The paper says how the open source API will help and shows what all facilities will be provided by it so that they can take a better use of it to build an application. Thus the main moto of writing this paper is to enlighten the students to start with the development of new applications using the data from SNS.

Keywords — API (Application Programming Interface), JSON (Java Script Object Notation), OAuth, SNS (Social Networking Sites).