Title: "ITBUZZ.CO A collaborative Academic Portal”

Page(s): 31 - 34
Authors: Mr. Dr D S Adane, Nayan Goenka, Mr. Sneha Virwani, Pooja Kulwal


Abstract - ITBUZZ.CO is an attempt to bridge the gap between academic and social life. ITBUZZ.CO thus is an academic social networking portal with an advanced and comprehensive feature list to compete some of the hit social networking websites of our age. ITBUZZ.CO is a secured online portal which grants access to only those personnel which are verified by the Department of IT, RCOEM. ITBUZZ.CO is a one stop communication channel for everyone in IT Department to share resources, knowledge have a healthy discussion for various topics, ,manage departmental activities, maintain personal profile and communicate freely through the website itself. ITBUZZ.CO is a portal which boasts a continuous, reliable and cross device network. ITBUZZ.CO has an extensive outreach to all the internet users through devices and platforms of their choice, may it be through desktops or laptops, mobile devices on Android, IOS or Windows phone/tablets.

Keywords — ITBUZZ, Socio-Academic Portal, Xenforo, Academic and Social Networking, Discussion Forums, Department Management, Academic Modernization.