Title: "Dynamic secure system forDetecting and eliminating fraudulence in cloud storage "

Page(s): 5-12
Authors: Mr. Kalaivani A, Ranjith Kumar M, Mr. Sabarish M, Sai Kishore R


Abstract—When data is hosted by data owners and made available to clients, security challenges are faced. Thus, we need to audit the data to solve security challenges. Existing remote integrity checking methods can only serve for static archive data. Thus, cannot be applied to the auditing service since the data in the cloud can be dynamically updated. Hence, a dynamic System is desired to ensure that the data are correctly stored in the cloud. In this Paper, we create a monitoring tool that detects fraudulent using link analysis and checks for similar details among multiple databases will be created. As there is no interlinking between different banks database an individual can create many accounts with different identity proofs So that they can do malicious activities in the network. To avoid this we use link analysis for finding similarity link in the entire combined cloud stored database. It uses Joint Threshold Administrative Model (JTAM) for authenticating database storage and handles fault tolerance effectively using the monitoring tool

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