Page(s): 34 - 37
Authors: M. SrinidhiBhandary,Mr.ShreenathAcharya


Abstract— The movement of services to the internet has resulted in increased demand for the cloud computing. To meet this growing demand, large scale virtualization datacenters need to be established which consume a very large amount of energy in order to provide good quality of service and be reliable. The large energy consumption leads to proportionally large operational cost which affects both the service provider and the service users. In addition to this datacenters emit a large amount of carbon dioxide which would increase global warming. A lot of times the virtual machines (VM) are not utilized completely by simply creating a new VM for newer requests. The proposed mechanism maximizesVM utilization by checking if the VM can run the new request along with the tasks that are already runningwith considerable reduction in power consumption, thereby leading to prevention of an additional cause for global warming. . Keywords— Virtual machine, Soft real time provisioning, Hard real time provision, VM Sprawl, Virtualization, power consumption, cost.